Our Services

Our settings span an unprecedented landscape of care (from high-intensity crisis centers to custom-built duplexes, to typical group homes, to supported housing apartment living). To uphold this landscape, we need a backbone of flexible services to provide our residents with freedom of choice within different levels of independent living.


RUMI-What you seek is seeking you

Rumi is a life-sharing technology that matches individuals who have a disability waiver with a compatible caregiver/roommate who can provide a designated level of caregiving. The end goal is to create a living situation that helps both parties thrive. Learn more.

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Corporate Foster Care

From custom-fitted locations that support a single person with extremely complex needs, to the traditional group home model of four people living together in a single-family home, our licensed corporate foster care locations offer customized solutions to reflect the individuals we serve.

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Employment Services

No matter where an individual is in their career path, we’re here to help them along the way. This includes everything from exploration to discovery to support. This is about professional development. The skills developed here can translate to a wide arrange of opportunities. We have community partnerships with immediate openings that pay competitive wages at or above minimum wage. Our promise: Real Jobs. Real Wages. Learn more.


Supportive Housing

Our supportive housing services promote supported independence by helping people learn and master daily skills within the housing setting that’s right for them. These services allow individuals and their teams to choose a plan that fits the specific needs in the community of their choice on an a-la-carte basis.

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Crisis Respite

Bridges MN provides short-term care for individuals needing intensive supports to allow them to progress, stabilize, and transition. Our crisis respite care serves as a stepping stone back to the community, facilitating the individual’s return to a more integrated setting.

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24-Hour Emergency Assistance

We provide 24-hour on-call support for individuals in all our settings. From remote problem solving to on-site, immediate supports, we are always ready for the unexpected.

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Person-Centered Planning

We bring licensed, therapeutic coaches and other experts together to create a safe environment that encourages outside-the-box thinking. We balance what is important to a person with what is important for that person. From there we are able to formulate an action plan, along with visual guides that show the journey so that everyone can understand and agree on a plan. Learn more.

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Housing Access Coordination

We will never let a lack of housing be the barrier for someone to achieve the life they desire. When housing is needed, we put our team to work to find the right fit.