Who We Serve

Our residents include people with a broad spectrum of needs, from those who need help finding employment to individuals who have previously been living full-time in a psychiatric hospital. We pride ourselves on addressing everyone’s needs individually and helping each person create a more fulfilling and healthy life. We are best known for supporting people who have been previously marginalized by the system. We also help those who have had a good experience in their previous setting but are looking to transition to more independence.

This is about so much more than services. At Bridges MN, we’re focused on creating opportunities. We support our 250 residents by providing a solid foundation that fosters personal growth and positive experiences. This helps people identify and achieve goals that will continue to improve their lives. Many of the people we serve have never been told that more is possible. It’s possible to live a life full of choice, of potential, of growth, and of joy.

Bridges MN engages in a process of discovering individual needs as well as individual dreams. We ensure informed choice and person-centered planning in helping to design innovative service models for individuals, no matter the level of need.


Helpful Resources

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Disability Waiver

Are you someone who does not have a waiver to help pay for support? Or do you know someone in this situation? Learn about local resources that may be able to help you obtain a waiver.

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Housing Resources

Are you someone who needs help with housing resources? Or do you know someone who needs help? Learn about housing resources.


Testimonials - We are Proud and grateful for words of approval from the families of our residents. The following are samples we feel best exemplifies us living our mission.

My son has had a tough time with group home experiences until he found Bridges. This is truly the first time in years that I've seen my son happy, and it's because he feels respected and cared for, even when having challenging behaviors. I know how hard it is to find good caring people, and your staff's dedication is much appreciated. I want to let Bridges know how grateful I am. Thank you for all you do for him.

- Karen F., mother of a resident

Our son needed someone to give him a chance. Bridges gave him a chance, and he has thrived. Others saw an extremely difficult case, and left him to flounder. We are so grateful for the home and the staff that our son has. He is happy and safe, and we can see him as often as we want. We didn't want to give him up; we just couldn't meet his needs on our own. Now we are part of a team that is focused on doing what is best for our son. Thank you, Bridges MN!

- Karl A., father of a resident