The Bridges Difference

empowering people to live their best life

Many of the people we support have had trouble finding success in a traditional group home model, and have been told that they are “too challenging.” This is where we shine by supporting individuals across the entire need spectrum: From those who are in need of 1 hour of service per day to those who need multiple staff around the clock, we think everyone deserves a safe space with individualized resources and compassionate support.

We know the people we serve, their families, and their teams place a tremendous amount of trust in us, and we take that trust very seriously. We treat everyone the way we’d want ourselves or our own family member to be treated. That level of care requires an incredible commitment from our staff, and we’ve worked hard to build a team that delivers on that commitment every day.

Bridges helps disabled individuals achieve goals that will empower them to live their most independent life and are honored to support the state's most vulnerable population.

we are here to help.

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Transitioning To More Independent Living

When we receive a referral, we ask two things:  

  1. Does the individual want to live in the types of settings they have previously experienced?

  2. Does the individual need to live in the types of settings they have previously experienced?

We often find that the answer to both questions is "no,” and a clear opportunity is born. We go to work creating a menu of needs to balance what is important to the individual along with what is important for the individual. This includes locating and securing affordable housing, assessing the ability to live independently, ensuring that an individual can find employment if desired, and securing the right staff to support their journey.