Vice Presidents

Blake E

Blake Elliott, founder &

Vice President of Operations

Minnesota doesn’t need “another group home company”. Instead, we need solutions that can provide options to all people with disabilities, especially for those that have struggled to be successful. I love committing my career to finding improvements to some of societies toughest problems.


Ross Denne,
founder & Vice President of Real Estate

It's about the people. We have a very dedicated and talented team who are motivated by the successes (big and small) in people's lives that we affect directly and indirectly with our services. Leading an organization in a field where you can impact change and provide a better opportunity for the people we serve is very rewarding and drives me to keep going.

Bach P

Bach Parker,
Vice President of Marketing & Culture

In order of importance -
we create a better life for the persons we support; we create opportunity for the employee; we create savings for the taxpayer community. I personally aspire to put a microphone behind the amazing work our team is accomplishing together to support those three groups, and I love working for a company that continuously finds new ways of solving old problems.

Luke W

Luke Wendlandt,
Vice President of Business Development

I live for the opportunity to make a difference and make the world a better place. I believe the mission, vision, and values of Bridges aligns with these ideals, which is the very principle of my core.


Miya Lindh,

Vice President of nursing services

I am excited to be part of a team that not only empowers its employees but takes pride in empowering residents to live their lives to the best of their ability. It is exciting to see so may people choose Bridges as a place to accomplish life-changing opportunities.


Paul Gans,
Vice President of Information Technology

We know navigating the disability industry can be confusing and scary, and we're here to help alleviate that feeling by turning challenges into opportunities. I enjoy seeing the people we serve improve their lives, achieve goals and find relief. I also enjoy witnessing the incredbile energy and compassion of our team, who go above and beyond, to make those things happen.

Scott Loe

Scott Loe,
vice president of finance

It is a pleasure to work in an environment that puts people and innovation at the top of the priority list. Continually striving for ways to improve our quality of care while identifying ways for our residents to live more independently is very inspiring and motivating for me. Our commitment to drive positive change for the community, our employees, and the people we support is very special.


Executive Directors


Carol Watson,
Regional Executive Director, Hennepin County

I came to work at Bridges, because I see an opportunity to contribute to and be part of a fast growing, dynamic organization that is making a real difference. We continually push the envelope to find new and unique ways to help more people, including some in which others have given up. In addition, we are a company where people have fun and enjoy coming to work.

Christy C

Christy Caboth,
REgional executive director, North & east metro

Bridges is a big family that collectively roots for the underdog. We are relentless in offering opportunities for growth, change, and support. The fast pace energizes me, and I love that I am epowered to lead Bridges employees towards fulfilling the mission of the organization.

Jen C-P

Jen Cadwell-Parker,
REgional executive director, Ramsey County

I began working for Bridges to help people. I STAY with Bridges because this is a company that cares equally about their employees as it does the residents. When other providers say "we can't", Bridges MN says "We can, and we will!"

Henny H

Jenny Haines,
executive director of human resources

I work for Bridges because it is important for me that my everyday work has impact and meaning. I truly believe in what this company does and what we stands for.

Jim Platten

Jim Platten,
Regional executive director, central minnesota

I am thrilled to be a part of an organization that is willing to dedicate its core values to meeting the needs of an under-served population that supports those living with disabilties realize their voices, dreams, and goals. My goal is to be a servant leader and support staff help residents achieve positive outcomes.




Alicia Stans,
community outreach director RAMSEY COUNTY

Bridges is unlike any other company in the industry. I work here because we are innovative, person centered, and strive to make the world a better place.

Angie H

Angie Hays,
Community Outreach Director

I've worked in this field for my entire adult life and it is inspiring to work in an environment where everyone believes in the same mission. I also appreciate that Bridges provides me with a foundation in supporting my own personal and professional growth.

Ashley Humphrey,
RN, BSN, PHN, Director of Nursing

I believe in the mission of the company and enjoy helping others live the life they want and desire, and I admire the amount of dedication that we have to each resident. I most enjoy bringing health and wellness aspects into their daily lives.

Ashley W.jpg

Ashley Willet,
Community Living Director

Becky G

Becky Graves,
Community Outreach Director North & east metro

We are a company that treats individuals like family. We do not quit, no matter the circumstances, and we welcome everyone with open arms. It's an environment where I am encouraged to ask how we can do things differently to best support our individuals.


Brandon Wohlman,
Development Director

I work here because of the inclusiveness of the business for both clients and the employees. Bridges is in business to ensure that everyone served can have their best day, every day.

Joanna V

Joanna Varriano,
Community Living Director

I am here to help people live closer to their dreams, experience community, friendship, and a feeling that people will not judge, not give up easily, and not stop thinking outside the box.

Mandy Vandermay, Community Living Director CENTRAL MINNESOTA

Caring for people and helping others lead healthy lives is very satisfying and rewarding. I wholeheartedly believe in our purpose, values, and vision statement, and it gives me the honor of making a difference in the lives of others.


Sarah Thomas,
Development Director

Bridges has a reputation for serving higher-acuity individuals. I am very interested in transitioning these individuals into the community and helping them be successful.

Shannon R

Shannon Rivero,
RN, BSN, Director of Nursing

Working for BridgesMN gives me more opportunities as a nurse and person to make an impact in the community and people’s lives. We are a strong, united family who all are striving for the same end result: helping people live their best lives!

Tina T

Tina Teisen,
Quality Assurance & Compliance Director

Bridges treats the people they serve and their staff with dignity and respect. We offer both of those groups opportunities that they may not have had otherwise. The work environment is fair, kind, fun, and a safe place.




Alejandra Esquivel,

Marketing Coordinator

I like working for a company that cares for the well being of its clients, employees, and larger community.

Angie K

Angie Kurkoski,

Rumi Connector/PCP

We support the path desired and think outside the box while understanding the diversity of visions. To support a person's current needs while giving them tools to reach present and future dreams, it's an honor to help people go through that path on a daily basis.

Carrie S

Carrie Stout,
Supported Employment Services

I love being able to support individuals to find, keep, and excell in employment. I enjoy making their work a part of a purposeful day for the people we serve.


Donna Vang,
HR Generalist

Bridges supports those in need to integrate into the community safely and efficiently. As a recruiter and staffing coordinator, I hire employees that can provide the best care and services to our residents.


Jamie Vang,

HR Intern

Bridges is in business because it provides the necessities and opportunities for individuals to grow. I work here so that I can be a part of giving back to those in need


Julie Tighe,
AR/Collections Specialist

I work for Bridges because of my desire to be part of an organization that has a clear mission to help those achieve independence and gain life skills. Bridges is an innovative and up and coming company, that values its clients and its employees. With such a clear focus on both, it is the best company to work for.

Kara E

Kara Ellison,
Training Coordinator

I am proud to work for a company that thinks creatively to serve and support those who need it most. My role involves onboarding new employees and providing ongoing training. It's exciting to meet and help employees get prepared to support the people we serve.

Karn M

Karn Moening,
Accounting Manager

I have a sibling with a Brain Injury and I have seen first hand the importance of placing your family member in the hands of fantastic caregivers. The Bridges family truly does strive to improve the lives of their residents!


Kelsey Traynor,
Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager

I work for Bridges because of the endless opportunities given to both employees and residents. Bridges truly cares about helping everyone achieve their hopes and dreams.

Matthew R

Matthew Rodway,
Accounting Clerk

I work for Bridges because it allows me to help people all day, everyday. I get to make a real difference.


Megan LePlavy,
Training Manager

I am so proud to call Bridges my place of work. I have a lot of experience in this field, and there is no place like this. We provide amazing supports for those we serve.

Muna Yusuf

Muna Yussuf,


The vision of Bridges aligns with my core values. I've never worked for an organization who advocates for their residents the way Bridges does. All parts of the company wants to see the resident succeed, and we collectively work as a team to achieve that. I enjoy being part of the growth, the learning, and the successes, and I get excited thinking about all that has been accomplished thus far and for the future of the company!

Paige K

Paige Kissinger,
Outreach Manager


I work for Bridges MN because of the creative thinking we use to help people with physical/mental disabilities. Bridges MN looks at each person and develops a care plan based on their personal needs. It's a blessing to be a part of the Bridges MN family!

Peilin Z

Peilin Zhou,

Human Resources Analyst

My job is to help our employees in many different ways so that they are ready and motivated to provide services. Everyday, we live under our mission to help individuals with disabilties have a better quality of life and live more independent, and I am deeply motivated by that.


Rueben Trotter,

HR Generalist North & east metro

I spent 10 years in healthcare, where I provided direct care. Now being an HR Generalist, I still bring the same amount of joy to work. My experience allows me to hire and mentor employees who can thrive in the position, and most importantly, provide quality care to the people we support.


Shelby preston,


I have worked in healthcare the majority of my life. I enjoy improving the lives of the individuals who need it most. The people you surround yourself with in your life make a huge impact on you, and being in HR, I feel I can directly help residents by hiring and coaching employees to strive to be the best person they can be, both individually and professionally.


Valerie McNamara,
Accounting Clerk

Bridges is a company that looks at a challenging situation and says "let's make this work. What do we need to do to make this work?" This approach works great with offering our clients flexibility, and in return pushes us, the employees, to be more flexible to get the job done.