Magnolia Ave

738 Magnolia Ave East
St. Paul, MN

(651)772-4957 Phone
(651)772-2746 Fax


Two story duplex with nice front patio/porch. Street parking only. Located very close to public transportation and a number of stores/amenities. Bright living areas, hardwood floors and newly remodeled. Each duplex has two bedrooms. Onsite laundry.


  • Two story duplex each with two bedrooms
  • Newly remodeled with updated appliances
  • Hardwood floors and bright living areas
  • Front and rear security doors
  • Onsite laundry
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I am very pleased with the way the staff balance respect with watchful care. They encourage my sister to make choices, and use her voice in expressing her preferences. The staff keeps me informed of medical and health issues, as well as responding to any questions or concerns I have.
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